• More than 4000 collection pieces
    The NTNU art collection goes back to 1947, and since then, it has accumulated more than 4000 pieces through donations from faculty and students. Over 700 pieces have been restored and are now in good condition. The bulk of the collection comprises pieces created by teachers and students during their time at NTNU; this tradition was initiated by Huang Jun-Bi during his tenure as the Art Department Director (1949–1969). Restorations are performed annually through a partnership with the Research Center for Conservation of Cultural Relics.

  • Development of art in Taiwan
    The collection pieces showcase diverse styles, expressions, and concepts, and their content reflects the tension arising from interactions among factors such as artistic traditions, international exchanges, and local and contemporary atmospheres. NTNU studies, restores, and preserves these artworks as part of its efforts to capture how these pieces reflect the development of art in Taiwan and clarify the future direction of art in the country.

  • System and licensing
    As a member of the National Cultural Memory System, NTNU Art Museum provides the public with access to digital images of the art pieces in our collection for academic research, educational, promotional, exhibition, and publication purposes. Licenses to use these digital images for both commercial and noncommercial purposes may be obtained by submitting an online application through our online application platform.