With collection research as the foundation, NTNU Museum engages in reinterpretation to revitalize artistic works and present its collections through vivid and digital interactions. To promote art and student development, NTNU Museum has launched university courses and solicitation programs to encourage students from all major universities to reinterpret our collection pieces through the language of technology.

Dynamic Transformation of Waterfall with Deer

A dynamic presentation of the collection piece Waterfall with Deer was created through a collaboration between NTNU Museum and NTNU faculty and students. The original painting, dated 1985, was created through a collaboration involving Professor and the NTNU Art Department peers, namely Huang, Chun-Pi; Chin, Chin-Po; Chang, Te-Wen; Liang, Hsiu-Chuang; Cheng, Shan-Hsi; Liu, Ping-Heng; Lo, Fang; Huang, Chang-Hui; Cheng, I-Hsiang; Wang, You-Chun; Yuan, Chin-Ta; Yang, Hsu-Mei; Lin, Yu-Shan.

An augmented reality version of this painting was created by a team of NTNU art students led by their teacher, Hsueh, Yuting. The team leveraged digital reinterpretation techniques to display the painting through foreground and background layers and three-dimensional models. Please scan the QR code and point your phone camera at the original painting to admire the peaceful valley scene.